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2nd Roshchinskiy passage, 8, Moscow 115419 Russia
+7 (495) 232-08-36, 232-08-37
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      Global Service specializes in providing companies with highly skilled drivers, including English-speaking ones. We supply drivers on long-term or short-term assignments, including various special events. Each driver is carefully selected and pre-screened, highly experienced and possesses exceptional personal and professional qualities.

Our commitment is to provide quality service that include:
      Professional recruiting, screening, selection and background        checks of candidates
      Supply of qualified regular and replacement drivers
      On-site management services
      Payroll services
      Calculation and payment of payroll tax liabilities
      Labor relations administration

      Global Service removes the burden of recruiting and hiring a new driver by providing a candidate that fits your exact criteria. Allow our staff of specialists to relieve you of the costly and time consuming driver concerns of today.




Part of the Global Security Group of Companies