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2nd Roshchinskiy passage, 8, Moscow 115419 Russia
+7 (495) 232-08-36, 232-08-37
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      Global Service works in close partnership with Global Security (a private security company) and Global Security Service.

      These companies also represent the Global Security Group of Companies and specialize in the provision of the following services: security personnel and services for commercial clients, maintenance of electronic security systems, personnel background investigations, car rental and VIP meet&greet services. Our close working relationships with our partners allow us to more efficiently and effectively serve the needs of our clients.

We are proud to list among our clients such major international and local corporations as:
      Ford Motor Company
      Philip Morris International
      Jaguar Land Rover
      Philip Morris
      Gillette Group

      The long-term relationships with many of our clients have been the result of our strong commitment to integrity and quality service at competitive prices.




Part of the Global Security Group of Companies