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2nd Roshchinskiy passage, 8, Moscow 115419 Russia
+7 (495) 232-08-36, 232-08-37
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      Global Service provides employee leasing services to businesses. It has been our experience with large foreign companies that such services assist to reduce a financial and administrative burden while enhancing the overall skills and responsiveness of the work force.

Our employee leasing services include:
      Taking on our staff and conclusion of employment contracts        with your employees
      Settlement of labor relations issues with employees as        provided by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation
      Payroll processing and payment
      Calculation and payment of tax, pension and insurance        payments
      Maintenance of accounting and personnel files in compliance        with Russian law.

      We always treat each client with a unique approach and offer cost effective solutions. Through our service and expertise, you are free to focus on core business activity, increase mobility and flexibility to respond to changing personnel demands.




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